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The Center for Pan-African and Peace Studies(CePAPS) of the African University of Science and Technology (AUST), Abuja, will be hosting a special event to celebrate Africa Day 2023 edition  on May 25, 2023. The event will take place both on-site at the NNPC Hall at the AUST campus in Abuja, as well as zoom online connect as a hybrid format.

This year's theme is "Afrocentric Architecture Defined: Developing New Landscapes for Nigeria Today, Tomorrow & Beyond" and "The Future of Africa & Nigeria's Leadership Role"

The event would begin at 11am West Central African time and would feature expert speakers and panelists who are set to discuss the importance of Afrocentric architecture in developing new landscapes for Nigeria and the role that Nigeria can play in shaping the future of Africa.

The event is open to the public and is designed to be an interactive and engaging experience for all attendees and would afford all participants the opportunity to network with other professionals  in the field of architecture and leadership.

CePAPS is a leading research Center of the African University of Science and Technology (AUST), Abuja dedicated to promoting Pan-African and peace studies throughout the  continent.

The center is committed to advancing knowledge and understanding of Africa's history, culture, and traditions, and to promoting sustainable development and social justice throughout the continent.

This Africa Day celebration is just one of the many initiatives that CePAPS is undertaking to inspire future generations of African leaders.

With its commitment to research and education, CePAPS is helping to shape the future of Africa and to ensure that the continent remains a vibrant and dynamic place for generations to come.